When additive manufacturing goes from prototyping to production

from prototyping to series production

Additive manufacturing is still seen today as a technology reserved for the production of prototypes for engineering teams. And yet, for several years now, 3D printing, in its many forms, has been able to meet the demands of manufacturers and enable them to move from prototyping to series production.

For example,ALSEAMAR, based in France, designs and manufactures buoyancy foams for ultra-deep waters, underwater gliders, underwater and surface drones, underwater propellers, antennas, radio communication systems and acoustic positioning equipment.

From prototyping to series production in the marine environment

Axis and ALSEAMAR have collaborated on the SEAEXPLORER, an autonomous underwater drone to study waters up to 1000 meters deep. The nose of the device as well as its tail were 3D printed with vacuum casting technology. The challenge is to produce watertight parts that can withstand the pressure at such depths.

This challenge was successful because ALSEAMAR now orders parts for its production equipment according to customer requests. The speed of implementation and its attractive costs make additive manufacturing an interesting alternative to traditional machining methods.

More information about the SEAEXPLORER :


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