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Metallization for rapid prototyping

At Axis, we use the Jet Metal plating process.

The main advantage of this metallization process is its cost-effectiveness. Metallization is much more advantageous than machining, for example, while giving the illusion of a metal part.

This technology is clean because it contains no chromium or VOCs, which is an advantage over other metallization processes. We use environmentally-friendly aqueous solutions, product packaging is adapted to reduce carbon impact, and waste is recycled and reclaimed.

It’s always good to know that this plating process is suitable for model building, but for large-scale production it’s impossible.

Metallizing your prototypes is a multi-stage process. First, we have to prepare the model and all surfaces. An activator is deposited on the part, which is then rinsed to allow the metallization to take place.

Then, to fix the metallization and give it its final color, a coat of varnish is applied. This varnish can therefore be colored. We can’t tell you any more than that, as our own metallization process ensures the most impeccable finish possible thanks to our experience.

Several finishes are available:
  • Gold ;
  • Silver ;
  • Chrome ;
  • Colored metal (red, blue, …) ;
  • Graduated.

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