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Customer references

Our Rapid Prototyping and Mini-Series customer references

Since 1997, Axis has made a name for itself in the production of prototypes, mock-ups and mini-series in a wide range of sectors. We are already present in the aeronautics, art and architecture, tableware, automotive, household appliances, electrical and electronics, perfumery and cosmetics, packaging, medical, sports, security systems, entertainment and other sectors…

Thanks to the dedication and expertise of our teams, our regular investments in the latest technologies and our constant attention to our customers’ needs, we are proud to work with the industry’s biggest names.

The projects we work on with our customers are very varied, and not limited to simple 3D printing. From advice to technical validation and assembly, the Axis team can help you speed up your project.

Some projects can be long and complex. That’s why we appoint an in-house project manager to act as your single point of contact, answering all your technical questions and helping you optimize your processes.

Our recognized expertise has enabled us to satisfy numerous customers who have become true partners over the years.

If you too have a project or questions before getting started, don’t hesitate to
contact us
to define a plan together.

références clients prototypage rapide pour DAAX TECH, POLLEN ROBOTICS, RUBIX, LESELEC

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