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Meet the Axis team in Las Vegas

Once again this year, meet the Axis team in Las Vegas, at CES (the Consumer Electronic Show) from January 9 to 12, 2024!

This time we won’t have a stand, but we’ll be the proud representatives of the Aquitaine region, in search of the latest technologies to advance our profession. We’ll of course be available to meet partners and customers, so if you’re at CES, don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange a meeting.

Rencontrez l'équipe d'Axis à Las Vegas

CES 2024 themes

As a reminder, the CES in Las Vegas brings together over 130,000 participants, 1,000 startups and 3,500 exhibitors to discover the latest trends in the automotive, digital health, food technology, gaming, smart home, industrial and additive manufacturing sectors.

This year’s themes will focus on artificial intelligence and climate change, two areas in which 3D printing makes perfect sense. Artificial intelligence first of all, which will help us optimize and improve our prints thanks to the perfect definition of parameters and part positions for printing (Although this is something we’re pretty good at at Axis 😉 ). It’s all about quality and speed!

As far as the climate is concerned, CO2 emissions are greatly reduced thanks to 3D printing. We no longer ship parts between different parts of the globe, but share 3D files that enable us to produce locally, or at least as close to the customer as possible.

We look forward to CES 2024, hope to see you there, and in the meantime, have a great holiday season.