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As every year, Axis was present at the 3D Print Lyon 2022 trade show, held at Eurexpo from April 5 to 7, which brought together the leading French and international players in 3D printing.

It was another opportunity to meet customers, partners and friends to talk about additive manufacturing. It was also an opportunity for Axis to showcase its expertise in 3D printing, assembly and metallized objects for leading brands.

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3D Print Lyon 2022 phare

3D Print Lyon, a must-attend event

With Global Industrie taking place next month in Paris, 3D Print Lyon is a must-attend event for meeting our customers. Although 3D printing is increasingly recognized as an essential set of technologies for manufacturers, there’s still a lot of education to be done. And we see this clearly when we talk to potential customers about their questions and queries. And that’s what makes these trade shows so important, as they help to raise the profile of our industry and convert more and more engineers to our industry.

3D Print Lyon
insert installation after printing
3D Print Lyon TPU
Flexible TPU printing

So if you too have any questions about our industry, or have a 3D printing project for a prototype or mini-series, don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts.

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SLA printing followed by metallization