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It may seem a surprising idea, but that’s the power of additive manufacturing : to recreate parts that don’t exist, or no longer exist.

Rapid prototyping

Axis prototypes the ultra-compact Bob dishwasher
Bob dishwasher

3D printing is often referred to as the technology of the future, making it possible to develop prototypes in hitherto impossible shapes, while optimizing structure, weight and cost. This is indeed true, and industry is investing more and more in these machines to speed up the product development cycle. Increasingly, companies are also turning to specialist print service companies such as Axis, which is equipped with a range of technologies to cover a broad spectrum of needs. Axis works with numerous partners such as HP, 3D systems, EOS, Stratasys, Raplas, e-motion Tech, Rösler

On the prototyping side, Axis helped Daan Tech with the innovative Bob the mini dishwasher project, produced entirely in France.

3D printing also comes to the rescue of companies needing to replace a mechanical part in a machine that has been inservice for years, and is therefore out of stock. When the machine is inexpensive and a new model brings new functions, the investment seems appropriate. But when a machine costs several thousand euros and a single faulty part blocks its use, a solution must be found to repair it.

Production of obsolete parts

Such was the case for this customer, an installer and repairer of industrial pumps, who needed to replace a part that no longer existed on a particular model. With a traditional approach, he would have had to create a mold (for a single piece), which would have cost him between €4,000 and €5,000. It then cost a further €4,000 to cast and rework the piece.

Thanks to 3D printing, the part could be created directly in the appropriate material, without the need for a mold, in a very short production time and at a fraction of the cost. Afterwards, if the customer requires a new part, simply restart a print-on-demand operation. No need to stock spare parts ” just in case “, which generate inventory and cost money.

So if you, too, need to create a unique piece, contact our experts who can guide you through your project.

pump housing
pump body