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Work at Axis begins to wind down…

As you know, Axis Axis management is committed to the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System and to the satisfaction of customer requirements. We’re proud to share with you our latest investments thanks to the support of the region. The real strength of our team is growing with these changes: responsiveness in all circumstances. As we believe that respecting deadlines is fundamental, a number of offices have been set up for the recruitment of future employees. What’s more, we are now equipped with a vacuum casting machine (capacity: 1,300 x 750 x 800 mm), and an additional paint booth for large parts.


Axis: what’s new?

In more detail: the extension covers an area of 310 m².

Inside we have installed :

  • A paint booth (directional open with compensated dry filtration type CS30) with all the appropriate equipment
  • A new vacuum casting machine (MCP 4/05) for large parts (capacity: 1,300 x 750 x 800 mm), as well as a suction hood for resin preparation and a DOPAG mixer for making silicone molds.
  • A “clean” room for transfer installation
  • An additional sandblaster
  • A 50 m² work area for 10 additional model makers
  • Another storage facility
  • An additional changing room

With all this equipment, we’ll be up and running in record time.

We look forward to working together soon to show you our full potential. See you soon.