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Axis travels to new lands

This time, we’re off to Spain, and Barcelona in particular, to find out all about us! We’ll take you on a journey, or use your travels to meet you elsewhere.

Axis is on Stand A2, Pavilion 3.1 at the Barcelona trade fair in Spain. We’ll be there from October 3 to 5, 2017.

As you can see from this photograph taken on our site,Axis President Christoux is already ready to welcome you.

Don’t forget to have your access badge ready to enter the stands, including ours.

If you have any technical questions, our team will be happy to answer them. You can obtain an Axis business card to send us consultations, for example, on all the types of technology we have available thanks to our impressive machine park. Just in case, here’s our e-mail address: axis@axishello.com.


Axis demonstrates its expertise

Axis will show you its latest achievements in metallization using the Jet Métal process. You’ll notice right away how stunning these prototypes look – they’re as good as new.

The main advantage of this process, carried out onAxis ‘ premises, is its cost effectiveness. This process is much more cost-effective than machining, for example, while giving the illusion of a metal part.

This technology is clean because it contains no chromium or VOCs, which is an advantage over other metallization processes. Axis uses environmentally-friendly aqueous solutions, product packaging is adapted to reduce carbon impact, and waste is recycled and reclaimed.

It’s always good to know that this process is suitable for model-making, but for large-scale production it’s impossible. All in all, we hope one day to be able to produce large-scale metallized parts.