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Axis exhibits at the Salon National de la Plasturgie

France’s national plastics exhibition, FIP opened its doors on Tuesday, June 13, 2017 at Lyon Eurexpo.

Come and meet Axis on stand A7 until Thursday, June 16.

Here’s the address to get there: Boulevard de l’Europe 69680 Chassieu

You’ll notice that Axis has a very good location: we’re at the corner of 2 busy lanes. In case you can’t find us, here’s our stand:


The Axis team will be on hand to introduce you to the new 3D printing process that arrived in our company a few days ago: the HP Multi Jet Fusion machine, a revolution!

Axis, 3D printer

As announced, Axis has just brought its latest 3D printing technology to our premises: the HP Multi Jet Fusion. This 3D printing method revolutionizes existing techniques. This is also a sintering process, as the PA12 material is sintered using heat (in particular), but instead of using a laser to fuse the different particles of material together, lamps are used. Multi Jet Fusion is a technology similar to Powder Sintering. The main differences are that no laser is used to polymerize the powder, and that the successive layers are 0.08mm thinner than with Sintering.

We can also discuss your needs for prototypes or models, because at Axis we use a number of 3D printing technologies: Stereolithography, Powder Sintering, Vacuum Casting, Wire Deposition, RIM (epoxy or silicone mold), Paint Finishing and Metallization.

Axis is a full-service rapid prototyping, mock-up and 3D printing company, handling your project from A to Z. We can assemble all the parts required for your R&D project at your company.