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Yes, it’s almost the end of the vacations and back to the office! And, as is the case every autumn, everyone will soon be swamped with new projects and new customers. Additive manufacturing will be no exception, and the Axis team will be in full force to support all urgent requests, not forgetting those from our regular customers.

Between the health crisis and the rising cost of materials and goods transportation, the need for 3D printing for prototyping or mini-series is growing.

With a wide choice of materials (plastics or metals), short production times and fast, local delivery, the carbon footprint is quite positive compared with production outside France. The variety of technologies available at Axis means we can meet all your needs. Whether you’re looking to validate a prototype or launch a production run of a few hundred parts, we’ll get you a quote fast. So don’t hesitate to contact us to prepare for a back-to-school season that still has a taste of vacation!