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Stereolithography: new machine and resin

Stereolithography is renewed

New stereolithography machine

We are pleased to present the stereolithographiy‘s machine that has just returned to our premises.


This is the NEO 800 from RPS. The size of the platform of this stereolithography machine is 800 x 800 x 650 mm. Build large functional models, prototypes, and state-of-the-art stereolithography parts. It builds high quality parts with superior surface quality, precision and detail. Axis builds bigger pieces without cutting or gluing, or larger quantities for smaller pieces. Featuring a high-power laser, this stereolithography machine has the ability to maintain maximum productivity between productions. Manufacturing speeds are maximized.

This machine is associated with a new resin: Somos Taurus (anthracite color – coal)

New stereolithography resin

Somos Taurus resin is an extremely durable and temperature resistant anthracite gray (coal) stereolithography material that allows for new applications in rapid prototyping and end use. It offers excellent accuracy of surfaces and large rooms also thanks to the capacity on which it is installed.
The thermal deflection temperature of this stereolithography material is higher (90 ° C) and the combination of its thermal and mechanical performance surpasses thermoplastic 3D printing techniques such as FDM and SLS. Its robustness makes this resin ideal for functional prototyping applications.
Axis recommends it for the automotive sector, functional tests for aeronautics and connectors for electronics, for example.


For more information on the resin please do not hesitate to refer to its material sheet on our website or to contact us.

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