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Axis and Matteo Fel-Astorg young cantalien kartman

Axis sponsors a young pilot

Axis introduces Mattéo

Axis is happy to encourage the young 15-year-old driver Matteo Fel-Astorg.
In recent weeks, Mattéo has entered the thick of things, with already promising first results at the regional level.

The 15-year-old Kartman, who lives in Aurillac in Cantal, is playing his fifth karting season.

Axis wanted on this occasion to sponsor him to help him in his beginnings and to encourage him.

Axis: proud of its success

Engaged in the difficult and raised Senior category, he just won on the circuits of Varennes sur Allier and Pers, close to home, and leads the league championship of Auvergne.

He ran in number 23 kart in Axis color with a sticker on our front bumper as you can see in the picture of this article.


It is actively preparing the next major national events, starting with the French Championship in July in Valencia.

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