Professional quality finishes for your prototypes

First, the finish for a model or prototype will not be the same because the two objects are made for a different purpose:

The model is the representation of an object, intended to be tested, validated, to detect possible defects, but also to be improved. It is not necessarily life-size. While the prototype has all the technical qualities and all the operating characteristics of a new product. It ensures its functionality and feasibility.

Proposed finishing for prototyping by axis

In our prototyping company we have:

  • CAD stations to process your files in the most common forms. (.STEP, .STL, .IGES, Catia, TopSolid, Rhinoceros, …)
  • Selective laser Sintering Machines in PA, PA Glass Filed, or PA HST
  • Multi Jet Fusion HP Machine in PA
  • Stereolithography machines (Accura 25, Clearvue, Evolve, GP Plus, Next, Perform, Prototherm)
  • Workshop for the realization of Silicone molds for vacuum casting
  • Workshop for vacuum casting
  • Workshop for finishing
  • Paint and primer booths

That’s why we are able to offer you different finishes for your prototype :

  • Sanding, sandblasting
  • Paint following a color chart RAL, Pantone, NCS or sample in a glossy, matte or satin finish
  • Coloring / Impregnation
  • Grain
  • Varnish for transparency in Stereolithography (via Clearvue resin)
  • Finish ready to paint or primed
  • Jet metal metallization (gold, silver, chrome, gradient, colored) and metallisation preparation
  • Heat treatment
  • Transfer installation, inserts or any other component
  • Realization of hinges
  • Assembly of several pieces that will form only one

DSC00787-2Ressort impression 3d axis limogesDSC02293-1-minmetallisation prototypage rapideDSC02316-1-min-1DSC03215-1