Finishes for rapid prototyping

First of all, the finish for a model or a prototype will not be the same because the two objects are made for a different purpose:

The model is the representation of an object, intended to be tested, validated, to detect possible defects, but also in order to be improved. It does not have to be life-size. While the prototype has all the technical qualities and operating characteristics of a new product. It ensures its functionality and feasibility.

finitions pour le prototypage rapide

In our prototyping company we have :

  • CAD workstations to process your files in the most common formats (.STEP, .STL, .IGES, Catia, TopSolid, Rhinoceros, etc.).
  • PA, PA Glass-filled, or PA HST Powder Sintering Machines
  • PA12 Multi Jet Fusion Machine
  • Stereolithography machines (Accura 25, Clearvue, HPC Perform, Taurus, Xtreme, RR60Wh, AMX Black, Prototherm)
  • Workshop for the realization of silicone molds for vacuum casting
  • Duplication workshop
  • Parts finishing workshop
  • Paint and primer booths

That's why we are able to offer you different finishes:

finitions pour le prototypage rapide
  • Sanding, sandblasting
  • Paint according to a RAL, Pantone, NCS reference or a sample for a gloss, matte or satin finish
  • Staining / Impregnation
  • Grainage
  • Varnish for the transparency of parts in Stereolithography via Clearvue resin
  • Ready-to-paint or primed finish
  • Metallization by the Jet Métal process (gold, silver, chrome, gradient, colored) and preparation for metallization. To learn more about this technology, see our page dedicated to metallization .
  • Heat treatment
  • Installation of transfers, inserts or any other component
  • Realization of hinges
  • Assembling several parts to form a single piece

To learn more about our other means of production in additive manufacturing, do not hesitate to consult our page dedicated to our machines.

For more information on the rapid prototyping finishes we can use, please feel free to contact .