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Multi Jet Fusion HP: New acquisition

The HP Multi Jet Fusion makes small at Axis

The HP Multi Jet Fusion is evolving

Here is the last of the machine park at Axis. At first glance, no change, but in reality this is not the case.

We present you the Up-graded version of the Multi Jet Fusion HP from our other machine already present in our premises: This is the 4210 version and not the 4200 version.

This 3D printer is the second via the technology of Multi Jet Fusion HP present at Axis.


The speed of the HP Multi Jet Fusion is so powerful and its rendering is so appreciated that we decided to invest again in this revolutionary printer and an extreme reactivity.

If you do not know how this machine works, we invite you to visit our website under «Multi Jet Fusion HP: Explanation». The production mode of your prototypes by the HP Multi Jet Fusion allows for unmatched responsiveness thanks to its fusion lamps and the filing of contour and fusion agents.

We are waiting for your feedback, hoping that they are all positive?

The HP Multi Jet Fusion consists of two elements



Multi Jet Fusion HP technology requires two elements to work. First the printer on the left, then the cooling, cleaning and material preparation station. Indeed, if the printer of Multi Jet Fusion HP can print your prototypes and 3D models in successive layers through agents, the station provides access to these models and prepare the next fabrications. The Multi Jet Fusion station recycles and prepares the PA 12 powder in the «built unit».

Do not hesitate to contact us, our company remains open all summer.

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