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MJF HP / SLS : Comparison

HP Multi Jet Fusion and Sintering Powder: Grand Slam

As we approach Christmas, we wanted to show you that the world of rapid prototyping (commonly called 3D PRINTING) is applicable in many areas.

This chessboard, consisting of 64 boxes alternating black and white, was realized simultaneously with our new Multi Jet Fusion HP machine and one of our SLS machines.

By producing this chessboard we wanted to highlight the colorful contrast as well as the dimensional accuracy of our two technologies, while being playful and original.



The Multi Jet Fusion and its secrets

To be more clear: the tray and the dark pawns were made in Multi Jet Fusion HP and have undergone a black coloring. For this rendering, we first worked on the 3D file. We have removed the squares we want white to get the tray with the dark blocks of one and the same block. This tray has been specifically positioned in our HP Multi Jet Fusion Printer for perfect aesthetics. Then we launched in production 8 pawns, 2 towers, 2 horsemen, 2 crazy, the king and the lady. Once these pieces of Multi Jet Fusion HP printed, cleaned and sanded, they were dipped in a bath of black dye, and then dried.

 Sintering powder and its success

Regarding white parts, you will understand that they are raw sintering elements in PA 12.
We then retrieved the small squares removed for the Multi Jet Fusion HP parts from the 3D file. The 32 white squares were printed with 8 pawns, 2 rounds, 2 riders, 2 crazy, the king and the lady as for the HP Multi Jet Fusion, but in Powder Sintering. Once these pieces of Sintering powder printed and cleaned they are sanded.

All elements are gathered together, the squares glued together and the pawns positioned. All you have to do is play!

Good luck!


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