Axis, created in 1997 by Patrick Christoux, based in the municipality of Feytiat (near Limoges, in the 87), is specialized in the technologies of Rapid Prototyping (commonly called "3D printing"). Since February 26, 2015, AXIS is ISO 9001 certified.

Need to make prototypes and / or models?

 New technologie :  Multi Jet Fusion HP 3D Printer is at Axis ! 


Axis meets your needs more technical design, painting, plating, assembly, application of transfers ...

We have a wide range of materials and a large fleet of machines in order to satisfy you, and as soon as possible.


We are above all a young, dynamic and skilled team, who will be able to meet your most technical needs (design, painting, assembly….).

We have a wide materials portfolio, along with a large number of machines, in order to satisfy you as soon as possible.

Our sales team is at your disposal to advise and guide you in choosing the technology and materials to be used for the realization of your prototypes and models.

Waiting for your 3D files (STEP, STL, IGES, CATPART).

Need to make prototypes and / or models ? AXIS, a dynamic and competent team at your service ideas.

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7-9 Rue Chantecaille - Crouzeix - 87220 FEYTIAT
Tel : +33(0) 555 06 17 17
Fax : +33(0) 555 06 38 39

10 minutes from Limoges, 3 hours from Paris, a team of 30 people to listen.


Matteo Fel-Astorg young cantalien kartman and Axis
14 June 2019

We are happy to encourage the young 15-year-old pilot Matteo Fel-Astorg.
In recent weeks, Mattéo has entered the thick of things, with already promising first results at the regional level. The 15-year-old Kartman, who lives in Aurillac in Cantal, is playing his fifth karting season. Engaged in the difficult and raised Senior category, he just won on the circuits of Varennes sur Allier and Pers, close to home, and leads the league championship of Auvergne. It is actively preparing the next major national events, starting with the French Championship in July in Valencia.