Metallization: a rapid prototyping process

Metallization in video


Jet Metal metallization

The main advantage of this metallization process is its economic gain. Metallization is much more advantageous than machining for example, while giving the illusion of a metal part.

This technology is clean because it does not contain Chromium or VOC, which is an advantage over other metallization processes. We use environmentally friendly aqueous solutions, the packaging of products is adapted to the reduction of the carbon impact and the waste is recycled and upgraded.

It is always good to know that this metallization process is suitable for mock-ups, but for a large-scale realization it is impossible for us.

The metallization of your prototypes is done in several stages. First of all, we must prepare the model and prepare all surfaces. An activator is deposited on the part, it is rinsed to accommodate the metallization. Then, to fix the metallization and give it its final color, a layer of varnish is deposited. This varnish can be colored. We can not reveal more, because our metallization process is our own for a rendering as impeccable as possible thanks to our experience.

Several finishes are possible:

Colored metal (red, blue, …)

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