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stéréolithographie pour le prototypage 3d

Stereolithography makes it possible to produce high-tech parts

3D printing by stereolithography: a computer mouse

how axis reinvents the computer mouse thanks to Stereolithography?

Here is one of the latest achievements: the functional computer mouse with a minimum of finishing. This is a stereolithographie cover with Xtreme resin (light gray) only sandblasted and with a «soft touch» finish on the sides and the wheel for ergonomics, the base itself is in Multi Jet Fusion HP colored in black. We have introduced an electronic circuit with all the components necessary for its operation. Small detail: for a better comfort of use we put small skates in elastomer via the process of vacuum casting.

souris axis stereolithographie

How does the mouse work in Stereolithography? 

You are not convinced that our mouse is really functional? For proof, here are all the elements that make it up: the cover in Stereolithography Xtreme gray with soft touch finish on the sides, the base and the hatch of the batteries in Multi Jet Fusion HP colored in black, the wheel in Stereolithography with soft touch finish , the elastomeric pads, the electronic circuit, the battery and the USB key to connect it. Little more: the USB key can be stored near the battery for a compact set. So ? Convinced?

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