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Stereolithography in cycling

Stereolithography enters the race

Stereolithography and its possibilities

The stereolithography process makes it possible to print fine pieces such as this card to be mounted, for example, to make for the occasion of the beginning of the Tour de France.

The most of this technology is that the different elements that make up the bike, stand out from the map by breaking the endearing elements together, and then ride each make up with each other like a real one. That is to say together mount the frame with the handlebars, wheels, saddle, … to the crutch, the pedals and the pinion with his derailleur. On this map there is also the door banding and travel bags that we have not installed to stay in the spirit «Tour de France» because it is the news of the moment.

The finesse and accuracy of the thicknesses of the stereolithography allow this type of 3D printing with an assembly useful to the operation of the prototype. This is all the interest of stereolithography compared to another method of manufacturing a prototype or a model through rapid prototyping.

Stereolithography and its different uses

In this case, we used several stereolithography resins, mainly for aesthetic reasons.


Indeed, with the stereolithography process we can use several resins depending on the desired utility (a temperature resistance, a particular resistance, its color, its transparency or its opacity, its mechanical or technical characteristics, …)

We chose the Accura 25 (white bikes), the Xtrem (light gray) and the Taurus (the dark gray – coal – black). We chose them for a monochrome rendering, only in the color gradient.

As previously explained, each resin has its own characteristics. If you want to know more about it, I suggest you to go to our page of the material files or to contact us by asking us more details, and will be pleased that we will send you the «data sheet».

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