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The MULTI JET FUSION HP makes a big difference

The Multi Jet Fusion for an everyday object

We decided to highlight the technology of Multi Jet Fusion HP with the printing of a useful everyday object, even essential. That’s why we printed an original and graphic lamp.

The shape of this lamp with its helical lines gives a play of light in the room where it is located with a warm but subdued atmosphere. We appreciate this game of light thanks to this graphic.

Axis uses its Clearvue resin stereolithography to let light from the LED bulb, because this resin can be transparent or translucent.

Here is the rendering of our latest achievement in HP Multi Jet Fusion and Stereolithography:


 The technical aspect of this lamp

It consists of 3 pieces in Multi Jet Fusion and a piece in Stereolithography.

Gross, the HP Multi Jet Fusion is gray (tinted in the mass) thanks to its manufacturing process. To give him this black color she is simply colored in a bath.

Stereolithography when it is sandblasted to give this translucent side, because this part trans parent would be too aggressive for our eye.

This lamp is functional because we included in an object an electrical system with a LED light bulb powerful enough to light a room without dazzling us.

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