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 3D File : electronic file representing an object in three dimensions. It is designed by 3D modeling to enable printing of the desired object with a 3D printer. 3D file creation is done by CAD.


3D Model : object obtained by 3D modeling.


3D modeling : three-dimensional computer graphics step of creating, in a 3D modeling software, a three-dimensional object by adding, subtracting and modifications of its components.


3D printing : additive manufacturing process. Here are some technologies that coexist : FDM, SLA and selective laser sintering …


3D printing machine :  for the manufacture of pieces in three dimensions by depositing successive layers of melt.


Additive Manufacturing : manufacturing processes by adding material, most of the computer-aided time.


CAD : Computer Aided Design = includes all the software and geometric modeling techniques to develop, virtually test and realize manufactured products and tools to make them.


Charmille : measure of grain for a grained surface of an object.


Fab Lab : FABrication LABoratory = Community digital workshop open to all (handymen, designers, artists, students, hackers, …). It is equipped with computer controlled machinery must comply with a charter established by the MIT.


FDM : Fused Deposition Modeling = wire Removal: mechanical deposit plastic in successive layers. The machine deposits a molten plastic thread through a nozzle.


GF : Glass filled = loaded glass: material loaded with glass fibers.


HDPE : High density polyethylene: polymer plastic.


HST : Mineral Fiber Filled = loaded mineral fiber: material filled with mineral fibers.


Layer thickness : The layer thickness measuring the height of each added material in the additive manufacturing processes or 3D printing based on the layer stack.


Layout : partial or full representation of an object (existing or proposed) in order to test and validate certain aspects. The model can be performed at a given scale, usually reduced or enlarged for easier viewing.


PA : Polyamide: polymer plastic.


PC : Poly-Carbonate: Polymer plastic.


Photosensitive : material which reacts with light radiation.


Polymerization : chemical reaction or process whereby small molecules react together to form molecules of higher molecular weights.


PP : Poly-Propylene Polymer plastic.


Prototype : an original model that has all the qualities and all technical operating characteristics of a new product, but it is also sometimes an incomplete copy of that may be a product.


Rapid Prototyping : making computer-controlled method, which includes a set of tools which, arranged between them, allow to arrive at intermediate representation projects product design : models, prototypes and pre-series.


RIM : Reaction Injection Molding = By creating an epoxy or silicone resin mold (previously from a master model made Stereolithography) prototype can then take shape.


SLA : Stereolithography Stereolithography Apparatus = polymerization of a photosensitive epoxy resin by ultraviolet laser in layers of 0.10 to 0.15mm.


SLS : Selective laser sintering = Laser Sintering: polyamide particles are agglomerated by a CO2 laser.