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Multi Jet Fusion HP: printing a monument

The Multi Jet Fusion makes discoveries

The Multi Jet Fusion discovers Limoges


Proud of our city of Limoges and thanks to our new acquisition of Multi Jet Fusion HP, we were able to print the station of Limoges des Bénédictins, one of the most famous buildings of the city. This model is at the scale 1 / 800th. This building is classified in UNESCO and considered as a historical monument since 1975.

With this new technology Multi Jet Fusion HP, you can have in your hands parts of high accuracy in PA12.

As you can see, the Multi Jet Fusion HP process allows you to make parts with breathtaking details.

Multi Jet Fusion: breathtaking precision

To better understand why this technology, the HP Multi Jet Fusion, can produce such details here is the manufacturing process in a few words:

This innovative technology does not work with a laser, unlike other additive manufacturing. A bed of powder is uniformly heated from the beginning of the process, then agents are projected. First, a blending agent (binder) is deposited on the surface according to the definition of your parts, then a detailing agent (contour) to improve the resolution, increasing or decreasing the merging action. The heat that travels over this bed of powder allows the agents to spread evenly and solidify the material.

The prototypes in Multi Jet Fusion HP are of unequaled precision because the manufacturing layers are 80 microns unlike other additive manufacturing processes that are rather close to 0.10 to 0.15 mm of layers.

The parts are then gray out of the printer of Multi Jet Fusion HP and we suggest you to color them in black, to assemble them as needed, to paint them, to prepare them, …

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