Stereolithography in cycling
9 julio 2019

Stereolithography enters the race

Stereolithography and its possibilities

The stereolithography process makes it possible to print fine pieces such as this card to be mounted, for example, to make for the occasion of the beginning of the Tour de France.

The most of this technology is that the different elements that make up the bike, stand out from the map by breaking the endearing elements together, and then ride each make up with each other like a real one. That is to say together mount the frame with the handlebars, wheels, saddle, ... to the crutch, the pedals and the pinion with his derailleur. On this map there is also the door banding and travel bags that we have not installed to stay in the spirit "Tour de France" because it is the news of the moment.

The finesse and accuracy of the thicknesses of the stereolithography allow this type of 3D printing with an assembly useful to the operation of the prototype. This is all the interest of stereolithography compared to another method of manufacturing a prototype or a model through rapid prototyping.

Stereolithography and its different uses

In this case, we used several stereolithography resins, mainly for aesthetic reasons.


Indeed, with the stereolithography process we can use several resins depending on the desired utility (a temperature resistance, a particular resistance, its color, its transparency or its opacity, its mechanical or technical characteristics, ...)

We chose the Accura 25 (white bikes), the Xtrem (light gray) and the Taurus (the dark gray - coal - black). We chose them for a monochrome rendering, only in the color gradient.

As previously explained, each resin has its own characteristics. If you want to know more about it, I suggest you to go to our page of the material files or to contact us by asking us more details, and will be pleased that we will send you the "data sheet".

Stereolithography makes it possible to produce high-tech parts
27 junio 2019

3D printing by stereolithography: a computer mouse

how axis reinvents the computer mouse thanks to Stereolithography?

Here is one of the latest achievements: the functional computer mouse with a minimum of finishing. This is a stereolithographie cover with Xtreme resin (light gray) only sandblasted and with a "soft touch" finish on the sides and the wheel for ergonomics, the base itself is in Multi Jet Fusion HP colored in black. We have introduced an electronic circuit with all the components necessary for its operation. Small detail: for a better comfort of use we put small skates in elastomer via the process of vacuum casting.

souris axis stereolithographie

How does the mouse work in Stereolithography? 

You are not convinced that our mouse is really functional? For proof, here are all the elements that make it up: the cover in Stereolithography Xtreme gray with soft touch finish on the sides, the base and the hatch of the batteries in Multi Jet Fusion HP colored in black, the wheel in Stereolithography with soft touch finish , the elastomeric pads, the electronic circuit, the battery and the USB key to connect it. Little more: the USB key can be stored near the battery for a compact set. So ? Convinced?

25 junio 2019

Prototyping does not take a vacation

Makers will gain strength

The sunny days are coming and the holidays are coming!

That's why we announce that we will be at your disposal all summer to print your prototypes and models.

We do not close our doors, the workforce will be reduced! So do not hesitate to contact us if necessary.

message carte postale ENG

3D printers will not stop

Our Stereolithography machines, Sintering Powder, Multi Jet Fusion, ... will be usable, they do not take vacation!

Axis and Matteo Fel-Astorg young cantalien kartman
14 junio 2019

Axis sponsors a young pilot

Axis introduces Mattéo

Axis is happy to encourage the young 15-year-old driver Matteo Fel-Astorg.
In recent weeks, Mattéo has entered the thick of things, with already promising first results at the regional level.

The 15-year-old Kartman, who lives in Aurillac in Cantal, is playing his fifth karting season.

Axis wanted on this occasion to sponsor him to help him in his beginnings and to encourage him.

Axis: proud of its success

Engaged in the difficult and raised Senior category, he just won on the circuits of Varennes sur Allier and Pers, close to home, and leads the league championship of Auvergne.

He ran in number 23 kart in Axis color with a sticker on our front bumper as you can see in the picture of this article.


It is actively preparing the next major national events, starting with the French Championship in July in Valencia.

14 junio 2019

The MULTI JET FUSION HP makes a big difference

The Multi Jet Fusion for an everyday object

We decided to highlight the technology of Multi Jet Fusion HP with the printing of a useful everyday object, even essential. That's why we printed an original and graphic lamp.

The shape of this lamp with its helical lines gives a play of light in the room where it is located with a warm but subdued atmosphere. We appreciate this game of light thanks to this graphic.

Axis uses its Clearvue resin stereolithography to let light from the LED bulb, because this resin can be transparent or translucent.

Here is the rendering of our latest achievement in HP Multi Jet Fusion and Stereolithography:


 The technical aspect of this lamp

It consists of 3 pieces in Multi Jet Fusion and a piece in Stereolithography.

Gross, the HP Multi Jet Fusion is gray (tinted in the mass) thanks to its manufacturing process. To give him this black color she is simply colored in a bath.

Stereolithography when it is sandblasted to give this translucent side, because this part trans parent would be too aggressive for our eye.

This lamp is functional because we included in an object an electrical system with a LED light bulb powerful enough to light a room without dazzling us.

4 junio 2019

Axis exhibits at the 3D Print show in Lyon

Axis a visible business

With our company Axis, we are on the Salon 3D Print in Lyon from June 4th to 6th, 2019.

During 3 days of business and conviviality, 300 exhibitors and 6000 participants gather on 3D PRINT Congress & Exhibition, the privileged meeting place of the Community to experiment and to appropriate additive manufacturing or otherwise called "3D printing".

Come and greet us, ask us technical questions, discover us or simply meet us! But above all, think about stopping on our booth G07 Hall 4.1, you will find Mr. Christoux the president of the company Axis.

It will be with pleasure that we will exchange together.

To better locate you here is the plan of the show. We are close to the reception and the bar in Hall 4.1 as indicated above.



Axis exposes its prototypes

On our stand you will find a wide range of what we offer with all the technologies at our disposal with several materials and finishes.

I dare not give you too much detail to let you be surprised to discover our masterpieces.


The HP Multi Jet Fusion with the finishes possible
14 mayo 2019

The HP Multi Jet Fusion makes great things

 The HP Multi Jet Fusion has pushed its limits

Axis wanted to push the limits of the possible with the HP Multi Jet Fusion. It is for this reason that we realized this shock absorber, remarkable for its yellow and gray paint finish, decorated with a transfer to our entity, will be appreciated for its functional side.

We made this prototype in Multi Jet Fusion HP for two reasons:

First of all this technology allows the production of functional parts with optimal mechanical and thermal properties with a great fineness of production.

Then, the second aspect of this technology for which we have this object with the HP Multi Jet Fusion is the unbeatable speed of production and cooling

The HP Multi Jet Fusion can dazzle you

Therefore with this test, we are proud to offer you several possible finishes on the subject Multi Jet Fusion HP with a more than realistic rendering.

Here is the result and what we can already offer you in addition to all the possibilities that we already offer.

We can offer the black color as you already know, but also the paint according to a sample, the RAL or Pantone color chart, the primer, the metallic paint, the metallization and the transfer installation.

DSC03826 16-9eme avec légende noir -min

We are ready to receive any requests from you and push the limits of the possible!

Need a similar model? In your mailboxes, we are waiting for your 3D files!

Equipped with 2 HP Multi Jet Fusion machines we will advise you. Do not hesitate to consult us.


Axis : New expansion
2 mayo 2019

Work at Axis begins to end ...

Axis: what are its objectives?

As you know Axis management is committed to the continuous improvement of the Quality Management system and the satisfaction of customer requirements. We are proud to share our latest investments with support from the region. The real strength of our team increases with its changes, namely responsiveness in all circumstances. Respecting the deadline is fundamental in our eyes, many offices have been set up to hire future employees. In addition we are now equipped with a vacuum casting machine (capacity: 1300 x 750 x 800 mm), and an additional paint booth to make large pieces.


Axis: what's new?

In more detail: this extension extends over an area of ​​310 m².

Inside we have installed:

A painting booth (directional open dry filtration compensated type CS30) with all the appropriate equipment
A new vacuum casting machine (MCP 4/05) for large parts (capacity: 1,300 x 750 x 800 mm), as well as a suction hood for the preparation of resins and a DOPAG mixer for realization of silicone molds
A "white" room for transfer installation
An additional sandblaster
A work plan for 10 additional models on a space of 50 m²
Another place of storage
Extra cloakroom
With all this equipment we will be operational to achieve quality work in record time.

Looking forward to working together soon to show you our full potential. See you soon.

Axis at F1 H2O World Championship
15 abril 2019

 Info Axis: Did you know?

Axis sponsors a new sport!

Axis made the decision to launch into the aquatic environment. We jumped into the water and now we are also sponsoring a Formula 1 boat.

You have seen this special boat wander on the water of the Red Sea these last days, during the Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia for the "F1 H2o World Championship" from March 28 to 30, 2019

Here is our boat (number 73) piloted by Cédric Deguisne Manager of the company DEPARTMENT OF DRIVING AND NAVIGATION DEGUISNE in Macon who was at the start.

This 100% French team represented us until the end of the race.

Well done to them! Maverick-racing-sponsor-Axis




Selective Laser Sintering : a new material!
14 marzo 2019

Sintering powder offers new possibilities

A prototype in sintering of powder in real material

Axis is pleased to offer you a new Selective laser Sintering material.

If you want to produce Polypropylene (PP) parts now, it's possible! We have given one of our machines the possibility to print your prototypes and models with this material.

As for all other pieces made in Selective laser Sintering, you can make meshes, mechanical parts, other aesthetics or to test the material, and even why not hinges.

The powder material of Selective laser Sintering is resistant to most acids and bases and has a slight translucent appearance and works perfectly for hinges and clips. Its milky appearance gives it a special charm and identity.



Sintering close to reality

This material has excellent plasticity, superior elongation, low moisture absorption and increased durability. The sintered prototypes with this material withstand 70 ° C. It is specially developed for the Selective laser Sintering process as an alternative to polyamide.

It allows a post-treatment like thermoforming.

From a technical point of view, here is the "data sheet" of the material with all its characteristics. hoping that this table will help you and give you more information:

Fiche-matière-PP- Axis

Want to try it and test its limits? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will quote you.