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Axis think of your moms

Axis gives you ideas

Axis offers 3D printing for gifts

Mother’s Day is approaching, think of making her happy … Axis offers you to print a gift thanks to a 3D file.

3D printing can be THE solution to surprise her this year. Thanks to your most original Axis files you can print a unique and customizable gift, such as a fashion accessory, a jewel or a decorative element.

Let your imagination be free !

Axis has several technologies

Axis offers you to put its different technologies, materials and finishing colors at your disposal.

First of all, let’s talk about technologies:

– The HP Multi Jet Fusion: fast, strong, flexible, and colorable in black


– Powder sintering: solid, flexible, porous


– Stereolithography: resistance, waterproof, possibility of transparency or translucency or even a paint finish, transfer pose, …


Axis now talks about the different materials possible: Axis has mainly PA 12 material including Powder Sintering and Multi Jet Fusion HP, but Axis also has resins that are closer to PP, ABS, PBT and PC. thanks to Stereolithography, but also Vacuum Casting which also offers HDPE, POM, V0, PA 6.6, elastomers and silicone.
Axis can also offer you several finishes such as sanded sandpaper, of course, primed parts, or ready to paint, but also painted, metallized, or painted with a metallic effect paint, adjusted with inserts or transfer installation. Your gift can be tinted mass, grained, colored or transparent. Axis has a wide range of finishes and can comply with supplied sample colors or referenced color charts such as RAL or Pantone.

Hoping that this speech will have given you ideas to work with Axis. See you soon !

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