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Axis and its new version of the electric skate

Axis makes things evolve

Axis and the change of finishes



Following our recent success, Axis wanted to create a new model of electric skateboarding. We hope that this new version will also please you, because it is a preview of our know-how: Stereolithography, Sintering of powder, Multi Jet Fusion HP, Vacuum casting, Metallization, Finishes, Installation of Transfers, …

We played less on subtlety, but more on contrasts on the contrary. Instead of playing on the granulometry of our finishes, the Axis team has chosen to show you a wider range of possibilities, such as the possibility to leave the pieces in HP Multi Jet Jet (light gray) and not only colored in black , but also to show the contrast between the varnished transparency, the milky-translucent transparency and the opaque … The Axis team has also affixed its logo via a transfer, which was not the case previously.

Axis: a graphic change

Skate 2-1

As you can see very quickly, Axis wanted to make a change of pace on the graphics of its composition of visual elements. Indeed, the composition of the different elements according to their finishes makes it possible to better demarcate several parts of this skate symmetrically moreover. We first distinguish the fine parts at the ends composed of metallized parts, milky transparent stereolithographies and transparent varnished Stereolithography. The next sequence is the one that is composed by the blue arrows and what surrounds them. Two different technologies: namely the raw HP Multi Jet fusion and blue elastomers made by the vacuum casting process. And finally, the central part of the skate that combines raw and colored Multi Jet Fusion and blue elastomers tinted in the mass.

But not only! You will notice that the Axis team has changed the overall design of its skateboard by removing the parts that rise to the ends of this object for a more harmonious silhouette.

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