Stereolithography : Xtrem resin + ProX 800 machine
29 January 2019

Stéréolithgraphie: la nouveauté arrive!

La stéréolithographie et la résine Xtrem

With the technology of Stereolithography, we offer a new material, the "Xtreme". This resin is gray in color with characteristics similar to the Accura 25. That is to say, it is a precise ultra-resistant and flexible plastic ideal for: assemblies with instantaneous adaptation, the master models for the molding empty and functional prototypes and durable, with the appearance of polypropylene (PP) or ABS but this time colored light gray in the mass because the resin itself is tinted. It has exceptional durability, precision and aesthetics to replace CNC machined items. Its features make it ideal for prototypes in operation in the most demanding applications, as well as for short-term production projects. This Stereolithography material has the appearance of a final workpiece offering exceptional durability, impact resistance, accuracy, strength, and thermal resistance greater than 60 ° C.




Stereolithography and Pro X 800 machine

Your prototypes made in stereolithography will be produced thanks to our new machine: the Pro X 800 from 3D Systems!

This stereolithography machine has a level of accuracy and optimal accuracy, and the widest range of additive manufacturing materials. We can produce small and medium-sized parts immediately and create massive, detailed pieces faster.

Its capacity is 650 x 750 x 550 mm.


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