Selective Laser Sintering : a new material!
14 March 2019

Sintering powder offers new possibilities

A prototype in sintering of powder in real material

Axis is pleased to offer you a new Selective laser Sintering material.

If you want to produce Polypropylene (PP) parts now, it's possible! We have given one of our machines the possibility to print your prototypes and models with this material.

As for all other pieces made in Selective laser Sintering, you can make meshes, mechanical parts, other aesthetics or to test the material, and even why not hinges.

The powder material of Selective laser Sintering is resistant to most acids and bases and has a slight translucent appearance and works perfectly for hinges and clips. Its milky appearance gives it a special charm and identity.



Sintering close to reality

This material has excellent plasticity, superior elongation, low moisture absorption and increased durability. The sintered prototypes with this material withstand 70 ° C. It is specially developed for the Selective laser Sintering process as an alternative to polyamide.

It allows a post-treatment like thermoforming.

From a technical point of view, here is the "data sheet" of the material with all its characteristics. hoping that this table will help you and give you more information:

Fiche-matière-PP- Axis

Want to try it and test its limits? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will quote you.