Axis prototypage rapide par fabrication additive

3D printing is an additive manufacturing process, meaning by addition of material, which was developed for rapid prototyping.

Procédé de fabrication additive

It’s also the process that is used for the production of prototypes / models in our compay, like Stereolithography (SLA) or Selective Laser Sintering (SLS).

Impression 3D

3D printing is associated with a 3D printer that can be more or less technologically developed (classic, tripod, …), but it is very different that machines we have. Furthermore the uses of these objects are very different, and their technologies are very separated.



Frittage de poudre

Frittage de poudre

3D printer produced prototypes layer by layer, by wire deposit on a platform.

SLA needs to produce the prototype in a resin container to achieve these layers

SLS needs a polyamide powder tank to polymerize the PA particles.

 Our technologies are often assimilated as 3D printing, because this type of production is the more known and the term makes sense : “We print your ideas in volume”.

But 3D printing is a process which uses all types of materials and isn’t exclusive to rapid prototyping. There are 3D printing with wax, metals and alloys, glass, wool, food, polyamide powder, ceramics, concrete, alumina, etc.

Pièce réalisée par Impression 3D

3D printing is a new production process for all objects. Axis is specialized in rapid prototyping since 19 years and uses appropriate and specific technologies (SLA, SLS, vacuum casting, 3D printing, Metallization, painting finishing …) for a rendering closest to your needs, as well aesthetically, as dimensionally as technically.

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