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Axis to Midest 2019 exhibition to Lyon

Axis exhibits in France at Midest

Axis present in Lyon

The stand with the image of Axis is ready to welcome you! We look forward to seeing you in Hall 6 on Stand K147 at the Midest show at the Eurexpo de Lyon from March 5 to 8, 2019.


We can not wait to talk face to face with you, get to know you but especially to talk about 3D printing and rapid prototyping together ! We will share our knowledge and your projects to optimize a future achievement.

Axis can print you prototypes or models from the simplest form to the most complex. Actually Axis can provide you with raw parts out of machines, sanded – sanded, primed, painted, metallized, assembled, duplicated, with a montage or the installation of inserts or transfer with your logo for example.

Axis and the exposed prototypes


On the Axis stand, prototypes are on display to show you the range of possibilities. This is a panel in every production area of ​​the prototypes.

You will be able to discover, among others our achievements in colored metallization, chromium, gold … via the Jet metal process. As with basketball in the center of the picture above you can see that it is possible to mix finishes, renderings and technologies. Proof of this mix with this shoe. Indeed, we have the vacuum casting sole with silicone slightly tinted blue, stereolithography with Clearvue resin for the top, blue colored metallization on the sole, the heel and the tongue and to adorn it there is gold metallization on the flanks.
I hope you liked this object and gave you ideas for your future projects.

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